What fun I’ve had!

My Hotfix Iron and Swarovski Crystal samples arrived the other day, so armed with a pair of plain blue shoes, my Hotfix Iron and Swarovski Crystals I set to work.

The process is relatively simple, you touch the hot iron to the crystal until the glue on the back melts and then you position the crystal and release! I was really surprised at how simple the process is and I think I might be addicted, I think I’ll be putting crystals on everything from now on!

Three hours later I had a heel that looked spectacular!

Now, I’m not going to lie it was labour intensive, 3 hours for one heel is a long time.

But I love the multi-coloured sparkly confetti effect!

The next day I set to using some of the larger stones to see how long that might take, it takes 1hr for a toe, but look at the result!

I love the effect and I love how securely they are stuck on.

Using the Hotfix Iron and Swarovski Crystals was surprisingly simple and incredibly addictive! It is such a simple process and all it requires is a little patience and a reasonably steady hand. I’m thinking it would be incredibly fun with a few of my girlfriends, a glass of fizz and a few cupcakes!

I’d take these shoes out on the town except because I was experimenting they don’t match!

I have some more crystals on order and I’m looking forward to experimenting with those and glitter in the near future!

Stay posted!

BeJewelled is the name of my new Button Box Party, details below!

£65pp for a 4 hour workshop in the comfort of your own home (min 4 guests, max 6 guests).

Customise your shoes using genuine Swarovski Crystals and glitter

Gather your nearest and dearest for an exclusive opportunity to customize a pair of shoes each using genuine Swarovski Crystals. The limited group size means that I will work very closely with each guest to help you to design and create your own custom embellishment on a pair of your own shoes.

Crystals and other adornments will be ordered in advance, to your requirements so you can choose colours to match/complement/clash, whatever your heart desires!

You bring the shoes, I bring the sparkle!

Alternatively, if you don’t think you’ve the time or a steady enough hand, then please contact me with regards to commissioning me to BeJewel your shoes for any special occasion, prices start from £120.

So what do you think?

What are your thoughts?

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