My Lovely Hen Party…

Well, what a week, my day job has kept me pretty busy and I’m feeling run-down, but I’ve done my best to make sure that this post arrives on time as promised! I have a lot of respect for people who write a daily blog and have a day job! So anyway, here goes…..

My Lovely Hen Party!

Clearly this is some time after the event! Next month I’ll have been married for 6 months, how time flies! But I wanted to share my experience of my Hen Party with you all.

I had nothing, I’ll repeat that, nothing to do with planning my Hen Party!

I had the most fantastic Hen Party, my beautiful bridesmaids did an incredible job and clearly know me too well.

It started with a card through the post with cryptic clues.

On the Thursday my mum and sister arrived from their home Germany ready for the fun that was going to be Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

The morning of Hen Party Part One saw me being treated to a lovely breakfast by my lovely dad. (PS that’s my now husband sat there on the right!)

After breakfast on the Friday my mum, sister and I headed out on the train to Basingstoke where my lovely bridesmaids were waiting for me.

A short taxi ride later and we arrived at a lovely spa for an afternoon of relaxation and pampering.

The spa was lovely and relaxing, we had a great lunch and just chilled out. It was great to spend the day relaxing with my bridesmaids and my mum, and to recharge ready for the rest of the weekends adventures!

Then it was off home for an early night in readiness for what was to be a very busy Saturday!

My mum, sister and I headed off into London with our glad rags in a case and off to a lovely hotel in central London. We dropped off our cases and headed further into London to meet up with my bridesmaids and some of my other lovely friends (aka Hens!).

We had lunch and cocktails at Ping Pong which was great. Then a short walk and we arrived at Handmade London where we took part in a Bunting Workshop. It was so much fun, I love to craft and it was lovely to share an experience like that with my closest friends. Everyone made a custom piece of bunting which were sewn together to make bunting that I planned to use in the marquee for my wedding. I even kept a few of the scraps which I later made into mini-bunting to adorn the winning cake in our wedding cake competition. It was during this part of my Hen Party that the seed was sewn for Amy’s Button Box, 6 months on and here we are!

After Bunting it was off to the hotel with my mum and sister in order to get ready for a night of dinner, burlesque and dancing.

We went to Volupte for a Burlesque Supper Club, it was great fun, and of course as soon as the compere found out I was the Bride-to-be, I was hauled up centre stage!

I hate being on-stage, at school Drama was to me a terrifying subject! So to be hauled up there was nerve-wracking to say the least. I decided to ‘think teacher’ and tune into my teacher self who’s more than happy to stand up in front of a class of brawling kids and get them to quieten down!

The Burlesque shows were fantastic! And so much fun, I loved the fact that the women who performed were (mostly) ‘real’ curvy women who were confident and looked great.

After dinner and a fantastic Burlesque show we headed into Madam Jojo’s in Soho, London for more cocktails and lots and lots of dancing!

The next day, feet tired, exhausted, excited I went for cake! There’s always room and time for cake!

Now, I am a self-confessed control freak, to be honest it was only during the planning of my wedding that I found I had to admit to myself that I am a control freak. It was REALLY hard to have no control of my Hen Party, but I am so glad that I relinquished control. Once I let go (just about! my bridesmaids might not agree that I ever really did let go!) I was able to relax and just enjoy all the surprises they had planned for me.

Looking back now, and reflecting on my perfect Hen Weekend I feel very lucky to have so many fabulous women in my life!

I ♥ my hens!

So ladies:

What do you have planned for your Hen Party?

Are you in charge of planning it or have you placed your trust in your lovely Hens?

If money was no object, what would your dream Hen Party involve?

2 thoughts on “My Lovely Hen Party…

  1. What a wonderful sounding hen do! A mixture of Crafty, Vintage, Performing and Foodie Hens. Bliss. We would also place the trust in our friends or family to organise a hen party for us, especially if they’re as lovely and thoughtful as your friends! Dream hen party with money as no object? That’s going to take some serious thinking… I reckon yours sounds pretty close though 🙂

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