Ombre napkins…..oh yeah!

On a lighter note now than my previous post!

I ♥ Ombre (or dip-dye)

A few months into wedding planning I saw these beauties and dutifully Pinned them to my Wedding Ideas: To Do board:

I had to have them for my wedding, and being ‘crafty’ I decided I wanted to make them myself.


I bought a box of napkins off ebay, they were hotel seconds and were in pretty good nick, the box cost £4o, for 100 napkins.

I washed them, dried them, folded them and left it right till the last minute! In typical Amy style! In my defence I missed the good weather in March/April, then it seemed to rain almost right up until the wedding and I needed clear sunny days that could be spent in the garden, laboriously dipping 100 napkins into pots of dye!

A couple of weeks before the wedding the weather cleared up and I set to the mammoth task of individually dip-dying 100 cotton napkins!

I worked out that I’d need three pots of dye for each colour (I chose hot pink, purple, turquoise and a denim blue) each of increasing dye intensity. So I separated the napkins into bundle of 25, folded them the right way so that when they were done they’d all fold the same size in the same way, got my rubber gloves on and started dipping. It took two days to finish all 100! And I now know why dip-dye stuff is so expensive: it takes time!

Here are some pics of the process: (Note how bold and vibrant the colours are at this stage. I wanted a more ‘washed out’ effect, which came later in the process.)

(PS excuse the state of the garden! I was far too busy dip-dying!)

Once they’d been dip-dyed and had dried it was time to rinse them (by hand – I was too scared to machine wash them!) and allow them to dry AGAIN!

Then I had to iron each one! This I did, you’ll be pleased to note, standing in my hot pink, suede, Louboutin wedding shoes, trying to wear them in!

Waiting to be ironed!
Looking pretty!

All boxed up and ready to go!

The day before the wedding my mum, my bridesmaids and some of my lovely friends helped me to set up and dress our marquee with my beautiful ombre napkins!

And here’s how they looked on the day!


  • did my husband and most of my friends and family think I was mad? Yes!
  • did it take a ridiculous amount of time? Yes!
  • did I have great fun making them? Yes!
  • were they strictly necessary? No!
  • does it look beautiful? Yes!
  • could I have made my wedding look as good as it did without the help of all my amazing friends and family? Definitely not!

What craft did you do for your wedding that wasn’t strictly necessary (but you had great fun doing?!)?

Based in Hampshire, Surrey or Berkshire and would love to do something like this for your wedding but wouldn’t know where to start or don’t have the confidence for? Commission me to make them for you or alternatively, contact me and we’ll arrange a craft party around this idea (or another) for you and your friends to do together!

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