Phase One – Done!

So at the start of the year I told you about my plans for January and February.

I have been doing lots of catching up with friends and family which has been fabulous fun.

Today I started ‘Phase One’ of Reclaim and Reorganise of my study/workroom. Reclaim because, well, you could hardly see the floor and you had to climb over stuff to get to the desk. Basically it had become a dumping ground for everything. Three boxes of ‘stuff’ have been packed up ready to go to the charity shop, the recycling bin is FULL of old magazines and one bin bag has gone into the rubbish! Now that I can see the floor and there is actual ‘space’ in the room I can start of ‘Phase Two’ where I get to reorganise my workspace and all my craft supplies – this is the bit that I am most excited about.

I’ve started collecting images on Pinterest for my new gorgeous study space here.

I was way too ashamed to photograph my study as it was, but I will soon post a photo of my study as it now is, and then after Phase Two.

Got lots of other exciting plans in the pipeline too that I’ll hopefully be able to tell you about soon!


What are your thoughts?

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