Fabulous February!

I love this time of year, clear, crisp days, flowers and leaves budding, the start of Spring!

What have I been up to this month:

  • More organising
  • Some Valentines fun
  • Eating lots of pancakes for breakfast (I think I should eat pancakes for breakfast every day!)
  • Enjoying my morning cups of tea (I think the first cup is definitely the best cup, wouldn’t you agree?)
  • Some running (and now some walking due to shin splints! Ouch!)
  • Some Button Box adventures  (look out for my next post for more details!!!)

I currently have a week off work and I’ve been knocked out for three days with a stinking cold! Oh well, it’s been the perfect excuse to snuggle up under the duvet, catch up with some of my favourite blogs and make acquaintance with some fabulous blogs I’ve not come across before!

So here are the ‘old friends’ I revisited recently:

A Beautiful Mess (most definitely one of my all-time fave blogs)

Heart Handmade UK

You Are My Fave

And my new treasures:

One Little Minute

A Fabulous Fete

Lovely Indeed

And of course I spent some time on Pinterest!

Image credits: Beau & Arrow Events – PolkaDot Prints – Unknown – Style Me Pretty

What blogs can’t you live without? And what new treasures have you found recently?

What are your thoughts?

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