Sunday saw my first official Button Box Experience – BeRitzy. I’m putting together the full details and photos ready for your perusal this weekend and I’ll be offering a little gift to you lovely readers at the same time!

The main objective of my first BeRitzy event was to iron out creases, look for any gaps in the idea, look for areas of improvement etc. I did all that and I was really pleased with how well everything I went, however for this post I want to write about an unexpected side effect of my BeRitzy event.

Two unexpected side effects actually.

The first unexpected side effect and the one that warms me the most is the fact that my guests were self-confessed ‘craft-illiterate’ and they all went away at the end with smiles on their faces and a beautiful handmade 1920s style headdress – the best bit for me was that they had made those headdresses themselves!

This makes me feel proud about Amy’s Button Box because I am one of those annoying people who looks at things and thinks ‘I could make that’ and I go away and make it (often not without making a few mistakes on the way, but that’s part of the process and part of the fun, right?!). People say ‘you’re so crafty’, ‘you’re so good at making things’ or worse ‘I could never do that’ but what I realised is that they can, and you can! With a little guidance and support we can all learn new skills and surprise ourselves. It made me so happy to see my guests, firstly deep in concentration and then as their experience continued smiles appeared on their faces as they saw their ‘craft-illiterate’ hands make  something beautiful.

The second unexpected side effect has resulted in me deciding to adjust my business tagline slightly from ‘Bespoke Craft Parties’ to ‘Bespoke Craft Experiences’. The overwhelming feedback on my anonymous guest questionnaires was that they were impressed with ‘the attention to detail’ and they loved the fact that ‘everything had been thought about from start to finish’.

With that and with the conversations I had with my guests during the party I realised that I want Button Box to offer guests ‘an experience’ from start to finish. As my guest I want all your senses to be tantalised. I want you to feel looked after from the first tentative contact you make with me to the moment you take your beautifully wrapped handmade items home.

Finally and tied in with the first unexpected side effect mentioned above – I want you as my guest to feel confident to try a new craft and I want you to feel empowered to make something with your own hands.

Love Amy xxx

Go on, get in touch and feel the love! xxx

What are your thoughts?

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