BeRitzy – The Details!

Wow, what a week/weekend! Can’t actually believe that my first event was only a week ago! It honestly feels like months ago.

At the minute I am sat in cold but sunny Liverpool, looking out over the Albert Docks.

So, BeRitzy!

What fun!

The idea for BeRitzy came about after my plans to go to Herr Kettner’s Kabaret, Soho, London for my 29th birthday. In the end we couldn’t squeeze it in before we went to the Kabaret, but I loved the idea of running a craft experience where the guests had the chance to make their own 1920s style headdresses’. So I enlisted some friends to help me trial the event and it was great fun planning and preparing, but it was even more fun running the experience.

I wanted a 1920s glam style to the experience so I chose a restricted but glamorous colour palette of black, white, gold and silver. I’ve always wanted to have a go at making my own Confetti System inspired backdrop so I ordered some gold foil fringing and got cutting and sticking. The BeRitzy gold letters were cut from MDF and spray-painted gold. You’ve got to love double-sided sticky tape!

BeRitzy Backdrop

Then it was onto table décor. I dressed the table with some of the vintage cake stands that I had collected for my wedding last year and used these to store and hold all of the lovely ribbons, lace, pearls, beads, gemstones etc. that I had bought and collected for the occasion.

I made some BeRitzy stickers to be attached to the straws and cake pops. These were made simply using A4 stickers printed on and cut out. I think they looked pretty good and they were a nice touch to the décor’s overall look.

BeRitzy Eat Me cake toppers
BeRitzy Drink Me straws

I also had a go at spray-painting some drinking glasses inspired by a blog post I had seen, I can’t remember the name of the blog so if you know which one it was let me know! I was generally pleased with the overall effect and it was really easy so I’ll definitely be doing it again. I think in future I’d like to use circular stickers of varying sizes to get a slightly different look.

BeRitzy DIY gold dotty glasses

The event itself ran really smoothly and it was perfect for identifying a few extra bits and bobs that would be helpful for the smooth running of an Experience.

BeRitzy Guests

BeRitzy Guests

My guests were all self-confessed craft-phobes. Predominantly because they thought they ‘couldn’t’ do craft. Three hours later and with some guidance and support they had all made beautiful headdresses and one guest felt so proud she was even discussing wearing her headdress at an upcoming wedding! Yay!

BeRitzy Headdress

BeRitzy Headdress

BeRitzy Headdress

Once the headdresses were made, the cakes were eaten and the drinks were drunk I carefully giftwrapped each item. The black and white striped bags were chosen to match up with the BeRitzy glamorous theme and the pink ribbon and tissue paper to match the Button Box logo. I was really pleased to see how my Button Box stickers turned out and I think they looked pretty cute on the black and white paper bags.

Button Box Gift Wrap

Button Box Gift Wrap

Button Box Gift Wrap

I’d love to run a BeRitzy Experience for you and your friends!

The BeRitzy Experience includes:

  • The use of vintage crockery and cake stands
  • All materials/equipment needed to make at least one 1920s style headpiece
  • Individual gift wrap of all items made
  • A BeRitzy backdrop (or other) to photograph your guests and their wonderful creations against
  • A DVD with images and 1920s music to inspire your designs
  • The ‘dressing’ of your venue before the Experience
  • My transport to and from your venue (10 mile radius of Fleet – further distances will incur an additional charge)

£27pp (min 4 guests, max 10 guests)

Amy’s Button Box offers a Bespoke Craft Experience so if you want to negotiate a simpler package for a lower cost please don’t hesitate to contact me! To get in touch click on the link or on the button at the top of this page!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this Experience so comment away below!



BeRitzy Experience

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