Button Box Business cards have arrived!

Really excited and pleased that my first batch of business cards have arrived. I ordered them from Moo.com and ordered 100 of the ‘Green’ business cards. They had a 25% offer earlier in the week and I thought I’d take advantage of this discount so I could look at the quality before ordering anymore.

Moo.com business cards

I ordered two styles, with Moo.com you can have a 50 different images!


I wanted the ‘Green’ paper for environmental reasons but also because you can write on the cards which will be handy for me as I want to write reference codes on each card so that I can track where people are picking them up from which will be handy for me so that I know where to distribute more.

I am really pleased with the quality of the cards and I love the fact that they come in handy little boxes to keep them nice and tidy.

I’m going to try spraying the edges gold to give them a nice luxe look as seen over at Camille Styles’ website!

gold edge business cards

I’ll show you how they look soon!

I’d love to hear from you if you use another business card provider or if you make your own. Send me a picture!

xxx Amy xxx

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