I couldn’t resist!….

I saw these cushions the other day over on Curbly.com and I just knew I had to go and make me some of those!

I thought it would be a cute way to display some of our amazing wedding photos.

So I raided my extensive craft room and found the necessary materials:

  • photo transfer paper
  • fabric
  • scissors
  • pins
  • sewing machine

I transferred my images to the paper as instructed. (remembering to flip the image horizontally before printing!)

Transferred the image to some nice white cotton I had knocking about.

Cut out the images from the fabric.

Amy's Button Box Photo Cushions

Cut two rectangle of fabric (roughly a third of the height of the image)

Turned over one edge of each of the rectangles for the back. Pressed. Turned over again to seal in the raw edge.

Pinned the two back pieces to the front piece, right sides facing.

Amy's Button Box Photo Cushion Back

Sewed around the edge.

Trimmed off the excess with pinking shears.

Amy's Button Box Photo Cushion Pinking Shears

Turned the pillowcase inside out.

Pressed it.

Stuffed it! (I cut up an old pillow I had lying around)

Amy's Button Box Photo Cushions Finished

Overall I love the look of them but I really hate the plastic feel of the transfer paper. Aggie loves them too! He rested his head on them almost as soon as they were made!

Amy's Button Box Aggie loving the cushions!

I’ve done some research and I’ve found some fabric you can print direct onto! How amazing is that! So I’ll be buying some of that and trying that out.

But I also found a tutorial over on A Beautiful Mess using printed images and acrylic medium so I’m going to give that a try to. I think this method will give a more aged, distressed look which I think will really suit this project.

I’ll keep you posted with my experiments!

What do you think of the finished pillows?

Amy xxx

PS I need a new name for my Wednesday posts (they’re going to be about making/crafting/DIY) Any ideas?

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