Some bits and bobs…..

What I’ve been doing:
  • On Monday I unpacked and sorted everything from the Wedding Fair and sorted my craft room out.
  • On Monday I also sorted out my Inbox, which is a place of pure chaos. I did a mass delete of old emails, created some folders in my Inbox and sorted most of the emails I wanted to keep. At then end I was losing the will to live! I had over 4,000 emails to sort through! Yes really! So I put the last 2,000 into a folder called ‘Needs Sorting’ and now my Inbox is clean and tidy and I plan on keeping it that way by immediately deleting anything thats irrelevant, unsubscribing from lists i don’t ned to be on, flagging emails I want to come back to, responding immediately to anything that requires a response, and then filing emails in their appropriate folders.How do you stay on top of all your email? (PS my Inbox is still super tidy! Only 8 emails! The rest have been deleted or filed)
  • Tuesday through Friday was the day job, walking the dog, trying to eat healthily, catching up with friends and spending time with the Hubbie.
Posts I’ve loved:

(In case you hadn’t noticed HeartHandMade is one of my fave places right now!)

Some crafts I’d like to try
Some things I’m lusting after
I keep seeing this ‘Steam-a-seam’ stuff on sewing tutorials! Saw it over on The Sweetest Occasion today  I need some in my life! Anyone know of a UK supplier?!
This weekend I’l mostly be:
  • buying fabric for the new dressmaking patterns I have just bought
  • Buying acrylic medium and getting some pics laser-printed so I can do that A Beautiful Mess photo transfer method
  • Celebrating the upcoming nuptials of one of my most beautiful friends at a non-hen hen party
  • Reading all the profiles of the potential Rock My Wedding Real Brides 2014, choosing my fave and casting my vote

What are you up to????

Much love

Amy C


What are your thoughts?

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