Button Box Pins of the Week

Here are my fave pins from my personal Pinterest page . Anyone who knows me will know I am a Pinterest addict and if I could have it my way, my job would be Pinning pretty things on Pinterest all day and all night!

Here are some of my faves from this week:

Button Box Pins of the Week 1Find out more about these beauties after the jump….


(Brooklyn Bride)

I would love to make one of these beautiful netted fascinators to wear to some of the 5 weddings I’m going to this year!


(Truro Fabrics)

My husband is Cornish and whenever we go down to visit I spend a couple of hours in Truro Fabrics, I recent found out you can buy their fabrics online and I’m now signed up to their newsletter, this little beauty popped into my inbox the other day and I am desperate to buy metres of it to make a 50s style dress or skirt. Unfortunately I’ve spent my fabric allowance this month and I’ve my eye on some Liberty print fabric for next month, maybe I can find the extra pennies! Anyone else have to set themselves a fabric allowance so that they don’t spend all their money on fabric??!!

sayyes.com neon heart

(Say Yes)

I love this neon heart, to be honest I love everything in this picture especially the tie-dye sheet with pink edging! Right up my street! This has to be the simplest tutorial, but so effective, I love that it’s not perfectly symmetrical too. Would look great in our bedroom.

lipstick by decade diary

(Decade Diary)

I think this looks fab and would be a great thing to do yourself and hang above your dressing table with all your fave lipsticks displayed on the wall. Stay tuned for my version!

just begin


This sums everything up for me right now!

Unfortunately despite some searching I haven’t been able to find the original source, so if you know where it’s from, let me know!

What are your thoughts?

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