Button Box Pins of the Week – Outdoor Dreaming

This week was a lot about outdoor dreaming….

Button Box Pins of the Week 4Read on to find all the links! One or two links don’t have the original source link – so if you know where they’re from, let me know!

This week I was dreaming about building/making/creating an outdoor kitchen/dining/lounging space. This is all terribly ironic as my hay fever has been the worst it has been for years and so despite tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops I have been pretty much housebound – boo!

♥This lovely little outdoor kitchen is one of my fave’s – perhaps I need to move somewhere where there is more sunshine?!

Gorgeous natural dyed linens are perfect for a spring dining table.

♥Some call it dip-dye, some call it ombre, I don’t care what it’s called I am in love with this turquoise ombre cloche – combines so many of my favourite things!

♥Two images gave me food for thought. There is a buddhist proverb “When the pupil is ready the teacher will appear”. These two images really called out to me this week:


♥♥♥Coffee in the Mountains Just Look


What are your thoughts?

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