Papercut Wedding Gift GIF

Today is the 1st wedding anniversary of my lovely friend’s Nicola and Bill.

As a wedding gift I made them a papercut illustration. It took AGES to make but I had always wanted to make one and I was so pleased with the finished outcome.

The design was based around London to reflect Nicola & Bill’s lifestyle, but also to reflect the fact that Nicola and Bill were going to be moving ‘up North’. Before I started designing it I asked Nicola to make a list of places that were significant to them as a couple and as a family, I did my best to include all of these in the design.

At the time I didn’t think to keep a record of how I designed and made it, I have done with a more recent one that I’ll post about soon!

In terms of making the paper cut I drew the design out several times on paper, once I was happy with it I enlarged it to A3 on a photocopier. I then used Spray Mount to attach the image onto the back of the paper and started cutting away with my Swan Morton scalpel. It was a nerve-wracking process as one wrong move and I’d have to start over again!

I think I managed a reasonable level of detail however it pales in comparison to the work of the experts! Design Sponge have done a great article highlighting their Top 25 Papercut Artists.

This is also my first attempt at making a moving GIF image! What do you think?!

I”ve recently worked on a smaller paper cut design and will be blogging about it soon!

Happy Wedding Anniversary Nicola & Bill!

Button Box Papercut

Isn’t Nicola’s mantlepiece lovely! Button Box Papercut Close-up


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