#YearOfMaking Days 8-14

Well helloooo!

Two whole weeks done!

I’m not going to lie, I was worried about this week as the holidays were over and I went back to my full-time job as a secondary school teacher, and contrary to popular belief we do work long hours! Anyway, work was busy as usual, but I managed to find the time to get all of days 8-14 completed! It’s strange really, before I started with this process of #YearOfMaking ‘I never had the time’ to do any making during the school week, and I always felt too tired at the weekend. But somehow #YearOfMaking has given me more energy, and I now start my day by thinking about what I’ll be making and when I’ll be making it, and even when it’s been tricky I’ve prioritised my making-time. So really, it’s not about ‘finding’ time, but ‘making’ time.

Here’s what I got up to this week!

Amys Button Box #YearOfMaking 8/3658/365 – started with some homemade pitta bread – yum!

“Oh January.

Fresh, bright frosty morning walks.

The promise of Spring.”

9/365 – something a little different – a haiku.

Amy's Button Box #YearOfMaking 10/365 Amys Button Box #YearOfMaking 10/365

10/365 – lined my blanket scarf with a lovely feather print scarf (I wasn’t in love with the butterflies!)

Amys Button Box #YearOfMaking 11/365 Amys Button Box #YearOfMaking11/365Amy's Button Box #YearOfMaking 11/365

11/365 – I think this is one of my fave’s so far! I used all the scraps from my hexie sewing project and pasted them round a boring old pine mirror frame. It looks beautiful now! That’s Aggie the Cocker Spaniel in the pic above, he likes to check out what I’m up to! And yes, that is our Christmas tree – didn’t take it down until 6th Jan and how the house looks so sad! Anyone else miss their Christmas decs? I watched Esio Trot recently and I loved that Mrs Silver puts her tree up in August! Anyway, I’m going off track!

Amys Button Box #YearOfMaking 12/365

12/365 – flatbreads made for dinner – recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Save with Jamie

Amys Button Box #YearOfMaking 13/365

13/365 – this day was a particularly busy day so there was only a bit of time to do some English Paper Piecing  during my lunch-break, I’m glad I made the time though despite how busy my day was!

Amys Button Box #YearOfMaking 14/365 Amys Button Box #YearOfMaking 14/365 Amys Button Box #YearOfMaking 14/365

14/365 – another favourite day! I had yoga earlier in the week and the instructor gave us these lovely eye pillows to use during the relaxation period at the end of the lesson. As I was driving home I decided I wanted to make my own, out of hexies, in Liberty print fabric! So that’s what I decided to to! I wanted to have a sort of rainbow effect so I laid them out carefully. This was a very exciting day for me today as it’s the first time I’ve done the paper piecing and got to a stage when I can remove the paper from the back – if you haven’t tired paper piecing yet – do it! Head over to Flossie Teacakes – she can show you how!

So there you have it, days 8-14, week 2 of Amy’s Button Box does #YearOfMaking. I have had great fun, that’s not to say it has been easy. But I think it has energised me. I feel enlivened and proud of myself for succeeding despite being back to work.

maya angelou quote - art by Bonnie from Simple Beauty

Have you started, or are you going to start your own #YearOfMaking? I’d love to hear your story!

PS – I know my pics are a bit rubbish! I hope to do something about that soon!

What are your thoughts?

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