About Amy and Amy’s Button Box

Hello and welcome to Amy’s Button Box. I am Amy and this is my blog! I am a 28 year old teacher, living in Fleet, Hampshire, embarking upon my dream to set up my own creative craft business. I am recently married and have a chocolate brown cocker-spaniel named Aggie (he’s a boy) named after St. Agnes, Cornwall where my now husband proposed and where we married earlier this year.

Amy’s Button Box offers young, professional women the opportunity to celebrate in style with the people that they love, be that for birthdays, hen parties or any other celebration. I want to share my love of crafting and making with like-minded people and to give people the confidence that they can make beautiful things with their own hands.

The aim eventually is to open a small shop/tea room/gallery for people to come to and use, however in the meantime I will be offering home visits where I will arrive an hour before your party to set up and to decorate with bunting and other beautiful trinkets ready for your guests arrival. The other option is for Brides who want that home-crafted feel but don’t have the time or the know-how to run a Wedding Crafting Party with your nearest and dearest where you’ll be shown how to make a variety of paper/fabric decorations in the style and colour of your choice, you’ll leave with having made a great start towards completing your handcrafted decor and instructions on how to complete them all, to give you that kick-start. I am also offering a Vintage Tea crockery and glassware hire so that your party can look as beautiful as possible.

So what’s my background? I have always enjoyed crafting and making (cutting and sticking according to my dad!) and have been involved in making things from a small age. After school I studied Set and Costume Design for the Theatre at Central School of Speech and Drama, whilst there I discovered my love of teaching when I led some school workshops in costume design. Inspired by my experiences in schools I retrained as a Design Technology Teacher at Roehampton University, London. For the past few years I have taught Design Technology to Secondary School age kids in London and now in Hampshire. I love teaching but I feel restricted by curriculums and schemes of work and I’d love to be able to work more freely and more creatively.

Where did the idea for Amy’s Button Box come from? Amy’s Button Box is a culmination of years and years of thinking about owning and running my own business. I’ve had lots of ideas in the past but they’ve never been ‘quite right’ I know this because I have never made a start with any of them. Amy’s Button Box however is different. I feel alive and excited when I think about all the options and opportunities. The main germ of the idea cam about after my recent Hen Do organised by my fantastic Hens who clearly know me too well!

My Hen Party was a whirlwind of experiences: Spa, Dim Sum, a ‘Make your own Bunting’ party, and a Burlesque Dinner Club, topped off with even more cocktails and dancing. It was the ‘Make your own Bunting’ party that really got my mind and my heart racing. I left feeling invigorated and excited. I had the most fun with my closest friends and family, making customised bunting that I would have on display at my wedding. It was so much fun to spend some really quality time with all the girlfriends and family I love most and to have them put so much effort and care into the bunting that I was going to use at my wedding meant so much to me. I realised that leading Craft Party Workshops would enable me to combine my three favourite things: teaching, crafts and enabling people to spend time with the one’s they love. Sounds soppy I know, but I can’t wait until Amy’s Button Box is there, bringing people together and helping them make things in a fun, relaxed environment.

If you want to find out more you can:

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PS if you want to find out more about our incredible wedding photographer Alex Beckett head on over to his website:


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