Perfect for an introduction to crafting with friends! BeCrafty is the option if you fancy making strings of pretty bunting, custom totes for your friends, or 3D Papier-Mâché Letters or if you have another simple craft you’d like to try, just let me know.

Bunting: You choose colours/fabrics that reflect your style. Perfect if you’re wanting bunting to dress your wedding venue, or if you want to use it to decorate your house (looks really cute in babies bedrooms!). Fabrics can be new or vintage fabrics can be sourced for that genuine vintage feel.

Custom totes: You’ll be shown how to create and use custom stencils and fabric paint or appliqué to make custom totes for yourself or loved one’s. Totes come in traditional calico or can be dyed (even dip-dyed if that’s your taste) to suit your colour scheme/preference. Once your fabric paint is dried and set you can embellish your designs with sequins/ribbons/all sorts of loveliness!

3D Papier-Mâché Letters: if you’re feeling adventurous we can craft these from scratch in the duration of your experience, perfect if you’re wanting large letters for a display, or if you’re wanting a particular style font. Otherwise I can buy in the blocks pre-made in letters of your choosing and we can decorate/embellish with ribbon, yarn, fabric, glitter, lace….you name it I can get it! These 3D letters are perfect for weddings, displays in your home, babies bedrooms etc.

I’ll even throw in a handful of Swarovski crystals to each of these Experiences which can be applied to add a special sparkle to your creations!

BeCrafty is my entry level Experience with prices starting at £25pp (min 8 guests),

a perfect opportunity for you to try out Button Box!

♥If you’d love to find out more or make a booking contact me through the form below♥

To get some inspiration for what you could make, head on over to my BeCrafty Inspiration Board on Pinterest.

What are your thoughts?

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