BeQuilted developed in response to a request from a lovely customer who wanted to do a Hen Party for her friend that included all the guests creating squares for a quilt. BeQuilted is without a doubt my favourite Bespoke Hen Party and it seems to be your favourite too with it being my most booked party!

Amy's Button Box: Bride-to-be arranging her quilt pieces

Now, for the details.

BeQuilted Experiences will last for 3 hours and in that time all the guests will work on customising and embellishing 2-3 quilt squares. At the end of the Experience I will take away the quilt squares and will lovingly sew them together and assemble them into a quilt or quilted runner. This finished item will then be beautifully gift-wrapped and posted out to the chosen recipient.

BeQuilted is the perfect experience for Hen Parties, special birthday’s or even baby showers.

I’ll provide the sewing machine, fabrics, embellishments. You’ll decide on the colours and styles of fabrics.

In order to get an idea of what you’re hoping to achieve I’ll set up a group Pinterest page for you and your guests to Pin to so I can select fabrics that suit your tastes.

Prices for BeQuilted start at £35pp (minimum 10 guests) and include the Experience itself, the assembly of the quilt and P&P.

What makes Amy’s Button Box: BeQuilted so super special?

  • All of the fabrics and embellishments are chosen specifically for you and your tastes
  • All of the patches are cut by me in advance of your party using quilting equipment ensuring that your finished quilt looks professional and fabulous. This also means you have plenty of time to decorate your patches.
  • I only buy high quality 100% cotton quilting fabrics
  • Your choice of embellishments includes genuine Swarovski crystal beads
  • The finished quilt is beautifully gift-wrapped and sent Special Delivery to ensure it’s safe arrival

BeQuilted Gift Wrap

BeQuilted Gift Wrapped


If you’d like to find out more fill in the contact form below.

What are your thoughts?

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