#YearOfMaking Days 8-14

Well helloooo! Two whole weeks done! I’m not going to lie, I was worried about this week as the holidays were over and I went back to my full-time job as a secondary school teacher, and contrary to popular belief we do work long hours! Anyway, work was busy as usual, but I managed to […]

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Button Box Pins of the Week

I’ve found some beautiful pins this week… The detail on the back of this garment is stunning! I love a bright pastel with a bit of bling! Who wouldn’t love this super cute caravan – peach and scallop – in ♥ A perfect blog post title – For Glamorous People with Dirty Nails – written in […]

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Button Box Pins of the Week

  A mixed bag this week! A super small image – but click on the link – it takes you to the Crafty Computer Paper website which sells printable cotton! I am desperate to try this fabric and I’ll be letting you know how I get on in the next couple of weeks. Printable cotton […]

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Washi Tape Thank You Cards

I am a strong believer in ‘Thank You’s’. I had an incredible 30th birthday and lots of lovely gifts and I wanted to send a thank you. I love receiving mail, you know that real stuff from people you love, not circulars and bills etc. So I decided to send my thanks through the post. […]

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Some bits and bobs…..

What I’ve been doing: On Monday I unpacked and sorted everything from the Wedding Fair and sorted my craft room out. On Monday I also sorted out my Inbox, which is a place of pure chaos. I did a mass delete of old emails, created some folders in my Inbox and sorted most of the […]

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