Some bits and bobs…..

What I’ve been doing: On Monday I unpacked and sorted everything from the Wedding Fair and sorted my craft room out. On Monday I also sorted out my Inbox, which is a place of pure chaos. I did a mass delete of old emails, created some folders in my Inbox and sorted most of the […]

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Sunday saw my first official Button Box Experience – BeRitzy. I’m putting together the full details and photos ready for your perusal this weekend and I’ll be offering a little gift to you lovely readers at the same time! The main objective of my first BeRitzy event was to iron out creases, look for any […]

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Dear All, This post is slightly off topic for this blog, no weddings, hen parties or crafts in sight but I felt I wanted to share this with you. I’d love, if you make it to the end of this post (I do go on a bit I’m afraid), for you to leave your thoughts….. […]

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